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Adroit Tech specializes in bespoke software development in Wellington, offering tailored solutions of the highest quality to meet unique requirements of each project. Our team comprises diverse professionals, including designers, Full Stack developers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Experts, and Business Analysts, dedicated to efficiently achieving your specific objectives. Outsourcing your software development projects to us will prove visibly cost-effective, optimizing value within your designated budget. Renowned for our excellence in software development in Wellington, Adroit Tech stands as your premier choice. With our comprehensive team that consistently delivers on commitments, you can concentrate on core business operations without concerns about hardware, software, or infrastructure. Adroit Tech adeptly manages custom projects of all sizes and complexities, delivering secure, robust code. Our agile development methodology ensures adaptability to evolving needs, guaranteeing alignment with your vision.

Software Development company In Wellington

Custom Software

Let Adroit Tech’s seasoned developers conceptualize, design, create, and validate your unique, personalized software solution perfectly aligned with your specific business objectives.



Get a robust, scalable, and effective SaaS product crafted to excel in a competitive market, leveraging top-tier cloud service providers such as AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and SAP BTP for reliable development and long-term sustainability.



Consider investing in the creation of an advanced ERP solution that seamlessly connects various aspects of your company’s operations, including supply chain management, human resources, customer relations, internal communications, and financial processes.



Invest in a reliable CRM solution tailored to your needs, enabling precise tracking and management of client and lead data while fostering strong relationships with your clientele through secure and efficient communication channels.


APIs and

Get well-designed, reliable, secure and scalable APIs and Plugins developed with comprehensive documentation and exceptional performance.



Effortlessly handle content management and publication tasks using your personalized CMS software, protecting you from security risks and unnecessary complications, streamlining the workflow of your content managers.



Create, build, and implement secure software rapidly with our DevOps approach, bringing together Development and Operations teams to accelerate delivery through automation, collaboration, timely feedback, and iterative enhancement.

Dynamic Team, Reliable Code

Software that feels magical

Our versatile development team offers a diverse skill set, with expertise in Full Stack (MERN/MEAN) Development and Python Software Development, complemented by talent in employing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for future-proof digital solutions. Our professionals boast hands-on experience with CI/CD tools such as GIT, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and Selenium, along with a solid understanding and experience working on leading cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and SAP BTP.

Software Development agency In Wellington

Adroit Tech stands out as the prime choice for custom software development in Wellington. Our deep understanding of the local market and regulatory environment enables us to excel in meeting the region’s unique needs and compliance standards. Employing a culturally feasible development approach ensures our solutions resonate with the diverse cultural complexities of Wellington, fostering higher engagement and acceptance. Leveraging our extensive expertise and track record, we offer competitive rates tailored to the demands of the Wellington market, while making sure standards of quality and reliability are absolutely met. Committed to delivering innovative software solutions, Adroit Tech drives growth by blending local expertise with global standards.


Discovery and Planning

Determine what the client genuinely wants and collect requirements based on the project vision and goals, including hardware, operating systems, programming, and security.


Design and Architecture

Define the technical specifications of the product, such as screen designs, databases, sketches, system interfaces, and prototypes.



Translate the comprehensive requirements and proposed design to an actual usable digital product.



To ensure project requirements are satisfied, test functionalities using unit testing, code quality testing, integration testing, system testing, security testing, performance, and acceptance testing.



Official release of software into the production environment


Maintenance and Support

Monitor the project for ongoing performance in compliance with user needs, and implement system adjustments.

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What Sets Us Apart

CI/CD Tools

We employ CI/CD toolkits throughout the SDLC to provide smooth development, testing, and deployment processes.

Agile Development

Our agile technique offers flexibility and adaptability throughout the development process, allowing us to respond quickly to your changing needs.


Software development consists of six major steps: discovery and planning, design and architecture, development, testing, deployment, and post-production support. The Software Development Life Cycle encompasses all of these processes.

Software development firms in Wellington excel in imagining, designing, and implementing diverse software solutions tailored to the requirements of businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. Their services encompass evaluating the feasibility of business concepts, developing and deploying custom software, as well as creating web and mobile applications, API development, quality assurance and testing, and post-deployment maintenance.

Choosing to go for outsourced software development can bring you significant cost savings, particularly for projects that require specialized expertise or are aiming to minimize labor expenses. However, it is crucial to select reliable outsourcing software development firms to uphold transparent communication and best quality control measures.
Entrusting software development tasks to Wellington-based companies not only saves valuable time and resources but also enables a better focus on core revenue-generating activities of your business. While the idea of getting work done from remote developers may seem intimidating, it ultimately saves you from the need for investing in infrastructure, equipment, talent sourcing, salary expenditures, and additional benefits like insurance coverage.
Because each software development project has unique goals and requirements, the cost of each project varies according to the time, effort, resources, and infrastructure utilized. Adroit Tech provides a free 30-minute call to provide a comprehensive quote for your bespoke software, during which you can explain your needs and business interests and receive a suitable estimate.

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